There were quite a few ingredients that led Iris to Pittsburgh, PA in the brisk New Year's snow, to record their first LP with Grant Carey. As a dear friend, as well as the catalyst for Iris taking their songs outside of the house, Grant produced Gardens with an intent to really bring the songs to life.

In their first year in Brooklyn, Iris, Aidan Boardman and Chris Copland played gigs around the city under the solo project Blue Iris. When Chris Copland moved to Portland, Oregon in June of 2018, the band found a new drummer and writing partner Alex Harwood. Iris and Alex immediately wrote new material together, some of which will be released on the new EP. Aidan Boardman (Bass) brought ideas for songs to the table as well, and the band found a new and exciting sound. This was no longer the solo sultry love song album, but something with a little more of their inner emo boy and 90s Alanis Morissette flair. It even teeters on the feelings of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls with that shameless drama and inner fire being released. Always incorporating flavors of folk music influence that is present in all of their music.

The band performed as Bluish in July of 2018 at the DIY venue ‘The Glove’ in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. Since, Cara Conaway has joined on as drummer, and the band is recording with producers Daniel Alvarez Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz in November 2019. New tracks are set to release in January 2020 with Decaf Recordings.

Bluish quakes one’s inner yearn for more when emotions are left unattended. The songs play at the push and pull with one’s inner self guarding some of the truth from others in fear of change and loss. Iris, recently out as non-binary (they/them), has toyed with themes of this in their song “Two Truths” as they processed what was being kept in the dark and how that might affect the way their life looks moving forward.

Check out our DEBUT SINGLE “Two Truths” online now!



Brooklyn based sirens BLUISH is a choral quality waiting for all of us to be enveloped. And in their latest single ‘Two Truths’ the mouth watering-ly empathetic vocals of Iris, pulls apart the insanity in the dark clouds up above, revealing more of what’s real to you and your senses.

The trio is made up of Iris Garrison-Driscoll, Aidan Boardman, and Alex Harwood, with Jesse Paller at the engineering helm.

Awash with tempting indie-rock hymns, drizzled to a chewy center, ‘Two Truths’ brings back relegating the unknown emotions, to that proverbial corners of our hearts, so that we can deal with them at our own time. Bit by bit, we handle many stresses of this world. And in a relationship, we deal with this from an hour to hour march.